Moving house? Here are our top tips for helping the move to go smoothly!

Moving houses is easily one of the most stressful things you can do. And that’s when you’re only moving yourself! Add in a child or two and you have the recipe for a very long moving weekend. Here are our top tips to help ease some of the stress and help everyone settle in better.

Before you leave

It can be confusing to children to understand the concept of living at a new house so if you have the time, introduce the idea early. If possible take them on a tour of the new place and show them where their new room will be. If there is an outdoor space let them explore for a little while. Older children might like to imagine where their things will go or how they might decorate their room.

Read books to your younger children about families that moved houses and what they had to do to. Find a great park or activity close to your new home and take your child there so they can look forward to coming back once they move. 

Packing time

Set aside a special box for each child to add their own precious items to. Mark these or even take them in your own car so that you know your child will find them at the other end.

If your children are old enough they might be able to help you pack, if not, they could decorate boxes or maybe you can find a family member or friend to help look after them while you pack. Pack a bag for each family member for the first week so that you aren’t searching through boxes for toothbrushes. 

Moving Day

Make sure you have lots of snacks and ready to eat food on hand to keep bellies full and children happy. Activities and favourites toys are best kept in handy reach to help ease any anxiety in the children. It can make it also easier to move if you can do it while your children are in Child Care or school or if someone trusted can care for them on a weekend. 

In the new house

Prioritise your move in with bedrooms and the kitchen first so that you can get the children into their new routines as quickly as possible. Consider holding a family sleepover in the lounge room for the first night. Not only will it be a great memory for your children in their new home it can ease the stress of being alone in their new room. Once boxes are emptied make sure you save some for the kids to play in. Read our post about recycled toys for inspiration!

If you or a friend are moving to the area another great idea is to take a tour of your new child care centre before your start date so you and your child are familiar come day one. We’d love to meet you and your family and show you around our centre. Just give us a call to find a time that suits you!

Jillian Myatt