The best kids activities for when it's too cold or wet outside

When the weather takes a turn for the worse, be it cold or rain, and outdoor play needs to be postponed, it can be hard to keep children entertained inside. There’s no need to spend long hours in front of the television or iPad though! Instead we’ve got some great indoor activity ideas to help you through those cold or rainy days.

Build a fort

Dining tables, lounges and chairs make the perfect foundations for creating a whole new world for your children. Give them some old blankets, sheets and as many pillows as you can spare and let them design their very own pillow fort. Not only will it keep them occupied and moving but you might be amazed at their engineering and creativity skills. Once they are tuckered out, pillow forts are a great place to eat a snack and read some books together.

Make Magic Mud

While play-dough is always a winner, why not try something different and make some homemade magic mud. You’ll need 2 cups (or 3 if you don’t mind a little more mess) of corn flour to 1 cup of water, plus a few drops of your preferred food dye for colour fun! Mix it all together to create a bowl of magic mud. Wondering why it’s magic? Well, when you apply pressure (like rolling or pushing) the mud becomes solid, but, let it relax and it turns back into a liquid. This is a great way for kids to not only practice their fine motor skills as they play with the mud but also to begin to understand the different states of matter. You can amp up the magic by mixing in some glitter!

Peg Hunt

Grab a bunch of pegs from the washing line and hide them around the house. You can go as far and wide as you want your children to roam. A good rule is that if the door is shut there aren’t any pegs hiding in there. Once hidden you can set the children off on a great peg hunt to see how many they can find and rescue!

Jump in the kitchen

There’s nothing better on a cold day than a warm meal that you’ve made together! Cooking with your children is a great way to bond and spend quality time together while teaching them a new skill. Plus it can help you introduce new flavours and foods - children are more likely to try something new when they’ve made it themselves! If your looking for some child-friendly recipes check out our blog post here, with our top picks!

Children love to play no matter the weather! We’d love to hear about your favourite indoor activities or which ones your child most enjoys when they are at day-care or kindergarten with us. Let us know on Facebook or come and say hi at our Petrie Centre. 

best kids activities for rain
Jillian Myatt