5 child-helper friendly recipes to try this weekend

Did you know that letting your children help in the kitchen can help them develop healthier eating habits for life? And the benefits don’t stop there! Not only will your child form a better relationship with food but you will also be teaching them a life long skill, helping develop their hand eye coordination and fine motor skills, and studies have shown that even the pickiest of eaters are more likely to try foods that they’ve helped to prepare themselves.

With all those benefits it’s definitely worth taking the time, and let’s be honest, the extra clean up time, to involve your children in the kitchen. To inspire you this weekend we have pulled together some of our favourite child-helper friendly recipes for you to try.


Healthy Nutella Balls

What could be more delicious than Nutella? The best bit is you are also getting some great grains, seeds and dried fruit in there as well. Sneaky! Once you’ve got the hang of it, these are a great base recipe to adjust and play with to suit your family. Get your children to help measure the ingredients and roll the balls. Note: It’s okay if they don’t look perfectly round! Get the recipe here.


Dipped Fruit

Want to make fruit more fun? This is a super simple recipe that uses apples but you can use whatever fruit your children like - berries or banana chunks on toothpicks also works. Add in some different options for your children to dip their fruit into, like coconut or finely chopped dried fruit. Get the recipe here.


Egg Free Chocolate Cake

I think we can all agree that licking the bowl is the best part of baking. That’s why we included this egg free chocolate cake recipe. Eating raw eggs is advised against, so it’s best to skip the bowl licking step if you’re using eggs. But this recipe is egg-free, which means you can eat the batter with no worries, plus it’s delicious! Children can help stir, measure and of course, clean up the bowl. Get the recipe here.



If you’re looking for a great dinner option to get your children involved with Nachos is a great choice. They can help spread the chips, cheese, and veggie toppings before you pop it in the grill to bake. Once they have helped make it you might be surprised how keen they are to try it! Get the recipe here. If someone in your family is dairy-free, or you just want to up the veggie content of the meal try this delicious “cheese” sauce.



Pancakes are the perfect breakfast option. Children can help measure and mix the ingredients plus have fun adding their own toppings to the finished product! Lay out lots of chopped fruit, some yoghurt, muesli, maple syrup and see what magic happens. Get the recipe here. An easy dairy and egg free alternative is available here.


We love trying new foods at Happy Hearts and our Kids in the Garden program gives our children an even better understanding of the food we eat. They get to plant, nurture and harvest the food before prepraring and eating it. A true farm to plate expereince. Let us know if you'd like more information!

Jillian Myatt