What does a day at Happy Hearts Child Care look like?

Every day at Happy Hearts Child Care is new and exciting. Happy Hearts kids play new games, learn new skills and discover new ideas. One thing is always the same though - every day they are safe, cared for and respected. Want to know what types of things your child will do today at Happy Hearts Petrie or Caboolture? Here’s an idea:

I arrived at the Centre with a big smile on my face, ready for a great day ahead! First up, I needed to put my bag in my locker, “I can do it myself Miss Carmen!”, I said to my Teacher.


We had had some big rain last night so I headed outside and explored the effect that it had on our playground. Did someone say puddles!? Then, I dried off my feet and went back inside to investigate our new sensory blocks, “What colour can you see?”, my Teacher asked me.

I love to move so my friends and I danced with ribbons, then I joined in with the Happy Feet Dance Class to see what other music and movement experiences we could have! Next, at group time, I helped my peers lay todays story 'The Rainbow Fish', in sequence, on the mat.

It’s time for lunch! My favourite time of day. We all sat together and discussed healthy food options while we ate, today was Chicken and Vegetables with Pasta in Cheesy Spinach Sauce …delicious!


After a big morning of activities, some of us took a well deserved nap while other kids preferred to engage in quiet experiences and relax that way. Once we were awake though, it was all systems go again! 

In the afternoon, I helped make a fresh batch of play dough ....we made rainbow dough, to follow on from today’s story and we even made fish scales! We enjoyed some delicious afternoon tea, then joined our teachers for more play based learning until pick up time. I couldn’t wait to tell my parents all about my day and show them the amazing things I’d made.

Jillian Myatt